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welcome to the secret area!

Here I have put all my 'naughty' art...
Click on the thumbnails and the pics will open in a new window.

sketch - pencil sketch - pencil sketch - ballpoint pen. (This is really fanart...If anyone can tell me of who/what, I'll move it to misc.fanart) sketch - pencil. I sort of want to put bunny ears on her head... sketch - pencil. Those things around her head means that she is a bit drunk. sketch - pencil

This was drawn so long ago that I had another nickname: Spixi (It was very shortlived...) Ooooh!...another rare 'Spixi' ...or just S. I like the leather in this pic. --- Even if everyone thought so -This wasn't supposed to be me!!!  (I used a pic of Xev and Prince of Fire as reference) Inspired by the movie "The Patriot" Once upon a time there was a queen who liked to dress in men's clothes... (true story...several times in history) For this one I used a vintage pr0n pic as reference 'Confused Slave' inspired by the same thing that made me do the ballpoint pen sketch  (x03.gif) ...

Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 1 Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 2 Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 3 Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 4 (This one sucks! LOL ^___^) Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 5 Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 6 Sycorax's adventure in Orthanc - 7 --- The sketch for the next pic. (I like the sketch better...) I so want to do this for real! I was thinking about doing this one as a follow-up of the last pic. ...but I didn't

misc. fanart
Dark Phoenix from "X-Men" in new sexy outfit. I drew this one for my boyfriend. Mystique from "X-Men: Evolution" Maybe not really fanart... A random Slytherin girl. Naked Madam Hooch!!! ^__^ Slinka and Yoyo from "Lexx" (from the episode "Lafftrak") E!'s character JyNx E!'s character Tianna Queen Spermova!  My favourite Evil Queen. From  the pr0n-movie  "Whore of the Rings 2". (But I prefer it in german: "Die Hure der Ringe 2") Staff of Westfall - WoW fanart

Collab done with MadHatter - It's Sirius and Remus (...I would love to do more collabs, so if anyone is interested just let me know.)

...and a little bonus ...mostly for Dracaena (since we talked about Spermova's lips and her other fake thingies) ...anyway, here is a 'before and after' pic of Bridgette Kerkove (a.k.a. Spermova)
I still like her new lips better - they make me think of Xev (from Lexx) ^___^

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