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This is how I want the things (and the doll) placed.
(In this pic I have also put the 'Sycorax'-, 'Sofa Cushion'- and 'grEEEn'-plushies.
You deside if our personal plushies goes in this bg, but I think it would be kind of fun ^__^)


And this is in which order I want the layers, so she will hold the toys correctly.
The handpuppets must be on top of all the layers of her hands!
(You can layer the BIG teddybear wherever you want.
It doesn't matter if he
is on top of or behind her since he is too big for her to hold.)


Oh, and here is a preview of the latest outfits I made...just to see the layer-order...

And finally: If there is something wrong with the files I have sent you,
or they got eaten by some e-mail provider, or you have lost them,
then click ---> here <--- for backups. ^__^