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I was wondering if you could do something for me. *puppydog-eyes*
I can draw you something in return, if you want.

Background info:
Some years ago a swedish theater-group called Varanteatern did a bunch of (comedy) short films for TV about the everyday life of six russian boys and an american exchange student at a Russian high school - Kreml High.

The intro music of the series is from a russian collection of disco music that one of the members bought in Russia. But none of them know any russian (and I don't know any russian either).

So what I would like you to do is (if you feel like it and have a bit time to spare, of course) to listen to the music and see if:
a) Is it really real russian? (I wouldn't trust them as far as I can throw them)
b) (if a = yes): What is she singing???

-------> The Kreml High Intro Music <-------
It's a mp3 and it is 826 kB.)

From left to right: Tvetov Nato, Polpotkin, Crazy Ivan,
Tantrum Tabulev, Rektor Tabulev, Tony, Johny Tex.

Totally unnecessary info (I found some english descriptions of the episodes ^__^):

Episode guide:

"A new pair of jeans"
Description: The American exchange student Johny Tex arrives at Kreml High and is greeted by our Russian friends.

"To Fat to Fuck"
Description: Tvetov Nato want to make out with his girl friend, but she reckons he’s to fat.

Description: The ad on TV says it is time to get your tetanus shot. Polpotkin breaks out in a cold sweat – he can’t stand getting shots. Polpotkin can’t handle the pressure and heads for the hills.

"Nothing to do"
Description: The gang’s hanging out at Tvetov’s. They are really bored. They just have to come up with something to do.

"A Day at the Beach"
Description: Tantrum decides to drink himself stupid. He gets a bottle out and gets started, soon he’s completely plastered.

"The Bird"
Description: Johny Tex decides to teach his Russian friends a new way to be cool – by showing someone “the finger”.

Description: Polpotkin is daydreaming whilst watching a film. He wakes from his dream all of a sudden. The ad on TV says you should buy a knife if you have an enemy.

"There’s something yucky in the water"
Description: Polpotkin’s dad gives the gang a chore to do, clean the yucky stuff out of the pool. The stuff is stuck on the bottom of the pool and is difficult to get hold of.

"Gothia Cup"
Description: Tabulev is watching football on telly. He is a devoted Russia-fan, and now his team has a penalty. They score and Tabulev is ecstatic. He wants the gang to take part in Gothia Cup, the biggest youth soccer tournament in the world.

"Johny Tex goes home"
Description: Johny is sitting on the couch talking to his mom on the phone. He realizes then and there that he has to go home. The next day in school he explains to his friends that he has to go home, and that it would be great fun if they did a signposted walk that ended at a surprise party.