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Lord of the Rings

I am a fan of both the books and the movie.
My absolute favourite character is Gríma Wormtongue closely followed by Saruman.
And the Uruk-hai make my heart beat faster and my legs go all wobbly...
...but hairy feet is a turn-off for me so there will be few hobbits here. ^__^

Click on the thumbnails and the pics will open in a new window.

Gríma Wormtongue
Drawn before I saw the movie, but I used a couple of pics I found on the net as guide . I am rather happy with this one. I love drawing his clothes, even if it takes a looooong time. ^____^ Griiiiiima This pic was so fun to draw! I love it!
Done after the first movie, so this drawing is rather old, just like Saruman himself. lol ... This drawing is not so good Chibi Saruman ^__^ Saruman  ^____^ ...another cute Saruman. ^___^
Eye of Sauron Eeeeeeeeevil ^____^ Started in oekaki,  finished in Photoshop
His name is Bolg. ^__^  Isn't he cute? In black and white (sort of) Lurtz - Yummy!!! Cute little Lurtz!  *hugs him* I know what his sign says. Do you? Bolg. ...Again. ...In a different style. Not an Uruk, but a female version of the Uruk armor.
Saruman and  Gríma building a snowman ^__^
Elves, hobbits and others...
Galadriel ...boring... but it was fun to draw the thingie she has on her head. Elrond, my favourite among the elves. It's supposed to be Frodo... Aragorn. Done for Blitz. Elrond, drawn in a strange style. Gollum and a dead fish ^___^ Nazgûl - (or Ringwraith for those who don't use Black Speech.) A more man-like Balrog than in the movie Arwen. (I made this on a LotR-oekaki-board, but I altered it a bit in Photoshop)
Elrond with his ring Vilya. (Every pic of Elrond I draw gets stranger and stranger.) A strange-looking Legolas. Drawn as a birthday-gift for Wenz

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