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Harry Potter

Since I am a Slytherin there will be lots of the 'bad guys' and not at all that many pics of the 'good guys'.

Click on the thumbnails and the pics will open in a new window.

Argus Filch
Argus Filch - I am beginning to like him even more than Snape... ^__^
Severus Snape
My absolute favourite! A collab I made with Shin. Snape and Draco I like this one. (first Snape done after OotP)
Lucius Malfoy
A young Lucius Malfoy. Eeevil... ^___^ Luscious Lucius
Draco Malfoy
Draco. Draco... Draco - I like the spell
Prof. Quirrell & Tom Riddle & other 'evil' people 
Poor cute little Quirrell... Eeevil...
Random Slytherin stuff
^___^ Oh, I don't know... My chara isn't  after Snapes body, she is after his job. ^__^ The green stuff is magic energy...'s the green pearl of doooooom...
My version of the Montrose Magpies' outfit My version of the Toyohashi Tengu outfit
Harry & friends
Harry in muggle-clothes. This was a request. Sirius Black

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