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- - - Q U E E N _ S P E R M O V A - - -

First of all: Sorry that it has taken me so long to draw something for you... (I can't count the number of times I have started on the 'Snape with collar' pic but not finished it. I think I have (hopefully not forever) lost my Snape-drawing ability...

...but now I have drawn the eeeevil Queen Spermova for you.
Isn't she cute? ^__^
She is my favourite character.
(Is her english name really Queen Spewon? I think Spermova sounds better.)

It's her clothes and hair-style from the last scene.

I loooove 'Die Hure der Ringe 2'!!!
Thank you again for sending it to me. ^__^

I have drawn her pixel by pixel in Photoshop.
I don't know if the eye color is correct (...I was... ummm... looking at other things) ...and the dildo looks a bit odd, but I hope you can still see that it is supposed to be Queen Spermova. ^_____^