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about me

I am female, have brown hair (or occationally black hair, if I am feeling particulary 'snapey') and blue eyes.
If people dared they would say that I was too old to 'play with dolls' or spend my free time on oekaki boards or ...well, do any of the things I like to do (except one or two *nudge nudge*). Nobody has. Yet.

I am from Sweden.(the north part of the middle part ^_^)

I loooove uruk-hai! They are so sexy!
Logan/Wolverine - Yummy! Victor Creed/Sabretooth - He gets me all wobbly ^___^
Yes, geek love does indeed rule
I like:
Harry Potter (the books, not the character), LotR (both books and movies), C.S.I. (Sara Sidle+Gil Grissom), X-Men (in all shapes and forms), Pratchett, oekaki-boards, drawing, almonds, chocolate ice-cream, Futurama, Lexx, Invader Zim, werewolves, KiSS-dolls, anime/manga (Dragon Half, Project A-ko, Lupin III, One Piece, Trigun, Yakitate Japan, Go! Go! Ackman, Dragonball ...well, most Toriyama's stuff, really), Tiki, World of Warcraft and lots of other stuff.

If you want to know more about me why not read my LiveJournal?
(...and then you can add me to your friend-list ^___^ *puppydog-eyes*)

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