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Adopted thingumabobs...

Here are some cuties I adopted from around the net.


ReubenTwo of Spades Lewis
Reuben & Two of Spades ...and Lewis.
From Wonderland Overdrive which is a part of The Folly's Lounge.
Lurtz Saruman random yummy uruk-hai ^__^
Lurtz, Saruman and one of the Uruk-hai from the battle of Helms Deep
From Orcgasm. <-- best name for a website ever!!!



RANK: captain
LIKES: small fuzzy bunnies
DISLIKES: hair balls
FAVOURITE LOTR QUOTE: "Stripped, eh?" said Gorbag. "What, teeth, nails, hair, and all?" - The Two Towers

Adopt an Orc at AINURIN.NET!

From Another Adoption Page


It's Plank! (from Ed, Edd and Eddy)
From Livin' on the Edge


Arthur DentFord PrefectZaphod BeeblebroxTrillianMarvin
All the main characters from "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy"
From prima donna


more adopted thingumabobs...

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