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My finished kisekae dolls. Click on the pics to download.

-Child Safe. Permanent underwear.
M.H.-Mostly Harmless. Removable underwear, but no details.
A.C.-Anatomically Correct. You can see their 'things'. Beware!
Anything worse than that will never be on this page.

Click to download Isadora

Name: Isadora
Size: 225 kB
Rating: M.H.
Description: My third doll.
Isadora is my doll for the 2004 KiSS Town Advent Calendar.

Click to download Lina La Fang

Name: Lina La Fang
Size: 263 kB
Rating: A.C.
Description: My second doll.
She is a vampire so she drinks blood, but because she was bitten by a fruit-bat, she can also eat fruit.
She likes animals and have a spider, a snake and a dog (The dog has his own clothes ^__^).

Click to download Nona

Name: Nona
Size: 190 kB
Rating: A.C.
Description: My first doll.
I can't think of anything to say...

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