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my old LJ icons

I have a fetish for those soviet caps... Better version of the previous. Shag art. One of my favourite artists. Vince from "Rex the Runt" I like him...
Sauron... Rodney Skinner from LXG.  Invisible and sooooo sexy!!!! My x-mas 2003 icon. Both the image and the text is from the song "Achtung X-Mas" by  Tyskarna från Lund. Moe Szyslak from The Simpsons. Sexiest in Springfield in my opinion.
Mr Flibble from Red Dwarf The Witch King of Angmar Alfred Molina as Comte de Reynaud in the movie Chocolat Based on the label on cube - cranberry cosmo. (a mixed drink) It's so yummy.
^___^ ^___^ Ivan from the movie Hellboy A gift from blackdracaena. I love it so much!!!

current icons

My preciousssss... Frida Kreml High

not yet used + bases
(don't steal!)

Max Adonis Cnut & Albumen from Believe Nothing


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