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Severus Snape x 51

I am aware of that many of the pics are not good at all,
but they are all
a piece of the road towards the perfect pic of Severus Snape. ^___^

My personal favourite is 37.
Click on the thumbnail and the pic will open in a new window.

Supposed to look like Alan Rickman, but it doesn't.Sort of good, sort of bad. Can't deside.This one doesn't look like Alan Rickman either :(Cute  but eeeeevvvviiiillll....Young and watercolory...My favorite done with solid colors
I don't like this one!I was very, very tired when I made this one.I made this for Aeggie-Chan. Severus when he is teaching.Severus reading a love-letter...FROM ME!!!!Confuse-a-Snape
I want his clothes!!!!!Looking a bit "deep"Severus when he casts expelliarmus on Lockhart in book 2Young Severus, a bit angry.I like the pose I drew him in.Supposed to be his "sexy & seductive"-style, but turned out frightening instead.
Holding a (love?) potionSeverus teasing Remus. (Serves him right, that little wolf-boy ^_^) I drew this right before Valentine, OK! (That's me btw)He looks a bit young in this pic.Part of my 'Teachers of Hogwarts'-seriesSeverus teaching the class about a new potion- ingredient
The best of my Rickmanesque Snapes. farChibi Severus mixing a potionSev-chan casting a spellMean looking SnapeSad Snape with happy hair!I loooove this one. Severus comic-style.
I kind of like this one...I made this one for KaiketsuBoth Severus AND Tom Riddle ^___^He looks like a drummer I know in this pic.Not one of my favouritesSnape and me ^__^
My absolute favourite!!!Crappy, but only 3 colors ^___^I don't know...This one I made for Shin. (He is drinking pumkin juice)Not really that 'snapey', but I kind of like it anyway ^_^This one was fun to draw. ^____^
A pic of Snape and Draco mixing potions. Both look like they are daydreaming.Eeeeevil.... ^______^This is a collab I made with Saywa. The girl in the pic is supposed to be Draco's little sister (from our twisted Slytherin imagination) and that is why Snape looks confused.A collab I made with Shin. Snape and Draco. I had so much fun doing all the folds on his cape.Snape in my version of Prince of Fire's (from Lexx) clothes. (in black instead of white, of course)Meeemoooriiiiieees......
Superugly. What was I thinking? LOLI really like this one. The writing in the background is from Shakespeare's Macbeth.I like this one. ^__^ (First Snape done after OotP)Stay tuned for more snapey goodness...Stay tuned for more snapey goodness...Stay tuned for more snapey goodness...

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